About Bakblik

With our distinctive wooden food trucks, we have travelled all over the Benelux, serving real good plant based food at parties and fesivals since 2012. Our menu is fresh, homemade and completely vegan. Building a sustainable future one meal at a time!

We believe in delicious food that anyone can enjoy - vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, lactose intolerant, and also the real meat lovers!

Our main product is our fantastic falafel. Among others, we also serve hearty beer-battered mushrooms and a wholesome chili sin carne with freshly fried nachos. For those who prefer a lighter meal there is our enticing bulgur salad. And don't forget to get one of our divine vegan brownies to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Linzi Lemmens va Bakblik
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How it all began

In 2009, during her studies, founder Linzi Lemmens started a café in Enschede, serving vegetarian dinners. In 2012 this resulted in Tankstation Cultureel Vulpunt, a social cultural meeting place with vegetarian eatery including vegan options. Linzi also started Bakblik on the side; an autonomous moveable vegetarian kitchen and crowd pleaser. Bakblik has since grown into a successful catering concept with 2 trucks. In 2016, Linzi transferred Tankstation to the team and moved back to Eindhoven, where her roots lie. Since then, the Bakblik food trucks went fully vegan and are therefore even more sustainable.
Apart from this, Linzi runs vegan bistro Calypso since 2019 and dark kitchen The Futue Diner since 2021!

Bakblik - real good plant based food.



2018 - 24Kitchen Food Truck Awards
Nomination "Best Food Truck of the Netherlands"


2017 - Vegan Awards
Nomination "Best Vegan Caterer"

2017 - 24Kitchen Food Truck Awards
Nomination "Best Food Truck of the Netherlands"

2016 - Mobile Cuisine's Food Truck Contest
Nomination "Vegan Vegetarian Food Truck Of The Year"

2016 - Vegan Awards
Nomination "Best Vegan Caterer"


2016 - Allerhande Christmas Festival Foodtruck competition
1st prize

2014 - Proef-Eet Zilveren Duyt
3rd prize "Best Caterer"

2013 - Proef-Eet Zilveren Duyt
2nd prize "Best Caterer"